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After a while of debating the topic of my second blog post, I have finally come to the conclusion that I should discuss something I love. And I shamelessly love food. This post shall be entirely about food and, what could be better than that?

Prior to going vegan, I worried about whether my food desires would be fulfilled if I made the change. Now I am vegan, I wish I had done it sooner. Below I shall list a few of my favourite snacks that I could not live without (well, I probably could live without them, but it would be a very solemn life if I did…)

*Disclaimer* I am vegan predominantly for the animals. Although being vegan does present several health benefits, the foods I’m about to list are not what may be described as ‘healthy.’ Sure, they may be healthier than meat, dairy and egg products, as these products do not carry hormones, etc, but they are certainly not foods to live off. That being said—I hope this is useful for those of you vegans who just want a tasty snack!

1. BBQ Texas Pringles


That cheeky smirking moustache man seduces me to these crisps, all the damn time. I would definitely say that this is my favourite snack.

I will tell you (in confidence) that on several occasions I have demolished the whole tub in one sitting. It is easily done and I may not move for a good few hours after-some might say this is a serious problem. I, however, feel no shameand I have no regrets. The best 15 minutes of my life are spent with that tub of heaven.

2. Co Op Jam Donuts


Were these donuts sent from above? I think so. These vegan (YES VEGAN CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?) donuts have saved my sanity on several occasions. Feeling stressed? Have a donut.  Feeling sad? Have a donut. Angry?—Donut. Happy?—DONUT. You get the drift.

3. Moo Free Chocolate Orange Bar


I thought going vegan meant no more chocolate, but thankfully I was wrong. It actually probably means that I shall be digesting more chocolate than I ever have had before because the moo free chocolate orange is by far the best chocolate I have ever had. Yes I said it. It’s also a bonus that no cows had to suffer for it too.

4. Fries, FRIES, frieeeessss.


Need I say more? Throw a bit of nandos salt on them and it will take you to another place. Seriously YUM. (duh)

5. Vegan Pizza

IMG_0348 (1)
Veggie Rae

If you know me personally, you probably questioned my ability to go vegan owing to my unwavering addiction to pizza. Well let me tell you my friend, vegan pizza has literally save. my. life. It has meant I can fully transition into veganism and get rid of that pussy, hormone ridden cheese and replace it with the most mouth watering creation on earth—vegan pizza. My personal favourite is the one that can be found in Zizzi’s, I add spinach, peppers and onions to mine. Close runners up are the vegan pizzas that can be found in ASK Italian (and their whole vegan menu is amazing, BTW), Pizza Express and my local vegan café ‘Veggie Rae’’s homemade pizza!

Now I have finally finished writing this, I can go get myself some food!!! My mouth is watering and I swear to you, my tummy is verbally talking to me.

As I have only fully transitioned into veganism recently, any recommendations are welcome (and encouraged). I live off snacks, so throw some my way on instagram @compassionisthefasion / youtube / comment below.

Compassion is the Fashion,


x Emma

“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.” -Gary L. Francione


Author: Compassion is the Fashion

I make videos on cruelty free beauty, fashion and lifestyle: Contact: Instagram dm @compassionisthefashion or

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